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Avery (Hee-Woon) Ryoo

I am a graduate student at Mila - Quebec AI Institute and the Université de Montréal, where I study Computer Science with a specialization in Artificial Intelligence. I have the fortune to be advised by Dr. Matthew Perich and Dr. Guillaume Lajoie. Check out their respective labs here and here!


My interests lie at the intersection of artificial intelligence and neuroscience. In particular, I am intrigued by how the brain can learn adaptable representations from minimal amounts of data to solve a variety of complex tasks, and how these insights can lead to more robust and interpretable AI algorithms and learning schemes. To investigate this, I aim to use tools from deep learning theory, dynamical systems, and cognitive science. Some other interests include foundation models, generative modelling, and brain-computer interfaces.


Before my graduate studies, I studied biomedical engineering at the University of Waterloo, during which I completed several internships in data science, computer vision research, and brain-computer interfaces.


Outside of research, I am passionate about travel, coffee, professional sports (NBA, soccer, F1), and spicy food.

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